Please read carefully and check agreement,
when you confirm the agreement you will step forward to the license form.

Important Reminders

・Application, registration, and issue of FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN License will require an annual fee of 22,000Yen (Annual License Fee 11,000Yen + Screening/Issue Fee 11,000Yen). (After the acceptance of the application, an email will be sent with billing information)
※License renewal will only require 11,000Yen for the Annual License Fee)

・This license will be effective until December 31, 2020.

・You will need to provice a headshot photo for the license hardcard.
Once you receive the license acceptance email, please reply with your photo attached. (Attached photo must be an image file at least 600x400 pixel without sunglasses, hats, or masks).
※You must be wearing your racing suit in the photo.
※We will notify you with an email address to send the photo once your application is accepted.

・Issued license hardcard is NOT allowed to be transferred or loaned to anyone other than the registered person. Any violation of this rules will result in forfeit of the license hardcard.

・All license fees are non-refundable.

・When an applicant confirms and agrees to the contents of this Important Reminder, it will be deemed that the applicant has also agreed to the License Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

・FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN will be providing the extreme footage taken by drones for the entertainment of both the spectators and LiveStream viewers. The drones will make the best attempt to keep a safe distance from each competition vehicles. However, even when the drones accidentally make a contact with competition vehicles or intervene with driver's field of view, the parties involved must pledge to not take any action to seek liability and discharge all claims and damages, if any, on FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN. The purpose of drone filming is to provide the most exciting footage for the fans all over the world and thus we need the cooperation from all teams and drivers.

・Please note that the use of images and videos other than for personal use is not permitted.

License Agreement

1. License Agreement

License Agreement will provide the FD JAPAN licensing information to participate in FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN.

2.Change of the License Agreement

FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN explicitly reserves the right to amend all qualifications and requirements for issuing and rejecting membership, licenses, and registration without prior notice. Any modification to the Licensing Agreement will be deemed effective when it is updated on our website.



FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN reserves the right to grant all professional competition licenses to qualified drivers meeting all requirements. Upon approval of any such license by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN, an annual license shall be issued upon payment of the then current registration fee including submission of all registration forms and supplementary requirements.

4.Application Process

All license applicants need to agree to the License Agreement and submit all of the necessary documents to FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN.
If the applicant violates "Loss of member's status" or if the applicant is believed to be not suited for receiving a license, then FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN has the right to deny any license application.

5.Acquisition of License

An applicant is deemed licensed from the time it is approved by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN.

6.License Expiration

FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN license will be effective until December 31, 2020.

7.Lincese Fee

(FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN)license will be 22,000Yen including registration and processing fee. (License renewal will be 11,000Yen)


Every track owner, race organizer/promoter, race car owner, driver, mechanic or other person in applying for or receiving a license or being permitted to participate or participating in a FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN sanction event,
and any person accepting an official appointment or acting in an official or regulatory capacity in connection with any Formula Drift sanctioned event hereby agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations, as amended, and in recognition of the hazardous nature of motorsports and does for himself or herself, his or hers heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns,
release and discharge Formula Drift Holdings, LLC, IMG Worldwide, Inc., FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN, and its respective officers,
officials, event staff, agents, employees, successors, and assigns for any and all liabilities for personal injuries that may be received, and from all claims and damages for injury to person or property growing out of or resulting from any race, races, or any other competitions whatsoever,
including qualifications, practice runs and/or exhibitions or other appearances whether contemplated or held under these rules or caused by any construction or condition of any track or tracks,
equipment, race cars or other devices used therefore, or by reason of any alleged cause or condition of any nature whatsoever.


Every person who participates in a FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN sanctioned event as a team/car owner, co-team/car owner, manager, driver, official, sponsor, mechanic or other crew member must be a current member of Formula Drift by holding a valid hard card credential authorizing participation. Any person applying for a license for participation in the Formula Drift Pro Championship must be at least eighteen years of age, unless a minor liability/consent form is filed and approved for participants 16-17 years old, and must be physically and psychologically fit to participate. Verification of age, physical and psychological fitness may be required. All participants are subject to the indemnity and release of liability provisions set forth in Section 8. Herein, this agreement must be signed and on file with Formula Drift.


FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN explicitly reserves the right to amend all qualifications and requirements for issuing and rejecting membership, licenses, and registration without prior notice. This will ensure all competitors and racecars are fit to function effectively on a professional level in compliance with all safety and conduct regulations.

11.Team Registration

All Teams must be registered prior to participating or competing in any FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN sanctioned event.
Team registration is only eligible when Team had completed Team Registration Form as well as having listed a licensed FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN driver.
The driver must submit to FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN this Agreement otherwise Team Registration will be invalid.

12.Driver Requirements

In additional to the qualifications imposed pursuant to the preceding sections, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant for a FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN licensed driver to comply with the following requirements:


Drivers must be approved for and granted a FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN professional license.


FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN must be informed of any prior medical injuries and must submit prior medical history.
FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN has the right to void any Formula Drift professional license due to prior medical history if deemed necessary.


Driver Competition Requirement. Any driver that does not compete in a FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN sanction championship round during the term of the license and does not score a competition point during the season may be denied a renewal license for the following championship season and only a formal petition can extend his/her professional license term.


Drivers, Teams and Sponsors will allow for sub-license of rights granted in the agreements to marketing, broadcasting, advertising, video game, and/or entertainment partners as it pertains to personal likeness, Team/Driver name and logos, vehicle likeness and all associate sponsors or brands of Team/Driver or on Driver or Driver vehicle. It is the Team and Driver’s responsibility to work with their sponsors for the sub-licensing of these rights and by signing this agreement acknowledge that they have done so.

12.5.Driver Participation Requirement (non-competition)


Each FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN licensed driver will be required to be present and participate at meetings, briefings, post-session and post race media activities, pre and post race activities and ceremonies and other fan/media related activities as deemed necessary by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN. These activities will be outlined prior to each race of the season via the emails provided in the registration form. Updates may be issued if necessary.

12.5.2.Non-event Related Appearances

All drivers may be required to participate in promotional activities that promote the Series as specified by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN and arranged in conjunction with team and sponsor public relations personnel.

12.5.3 Championship Contention Appearances

Any driver that is in mathematical contention for the first, second, or third place in the championship during the last quarter for the season may be required to participate in promotional activities to promote the Championship, as specified by FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN series and arranged in conjunction with team and sponsor public relations personnel.

12.6.Public Image

It is in the best commercial and sporting interests of all participants and the Series in general that the drivers of the Series present an appearance, demeanor and style appealing to the general public, fans and supporters of the Sport. The drivers are the foremost ambassadors of the sport and their participation in the advocacy of the Sport and the quality of their interaction with the public, media, sponsors and other supporters of the sport are essential to the long term growth of the Sport.

12.7. Mandatory Penalties

Any unexcused failure to comply with the foregoing requirement will result in one or more penalties, including loss of Championship points, being assessed, as provided in Section 15 of this agreement.

12.8.Series Promotions

FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN is allowed to use driver name, image and likeness for all Series related promotions, marketing and advertising.



Entrants must inform FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN of any participation in all non-Formula Drift related drifting events such as but not limited to competition, instruction, judging and demonstrations. A notice must be submitted to FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN twenty one (21) days prior to the event. Non-compliance shall result in the assessment of penalties per Section 15 of this agreement. FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN will not instruct any driver or team to or not to participate but simply a formal notice of all drifting activities must be filed.

14.Code of Conduct

Drivers and Teams must be professional and presentable at all times. Driver uniforms must comply with these regulations and must be free of wear and damage. Driver’s uniform must include the driver’s name in an easily visible location. Driver and team uniforms must have all required series patches in the specified location per Formula Drift Technical Regulations and must include the team logo and/or team name.

15.Disciplinary Action

In addition to any other offenses listed herein, the following actions shall be deemed a breach of the rules:


Bribery, or attempt, to bribe anyone connected with the competition, and the acceptance of, or offer to accept, a bribe.


Any action having as its objective participation in the competition by a person, or automobile, known to be ineligible.


Participation in any proceeding, or action, prejudicial to the interests of FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN, or of automobile competition generally.


Reckless, or dangerous, driving.


Failure to obey direction and/ or orders of a race official.


Refusing to cooperate with, interfering with, or obstructing the action of the officials or others in the performance of their duties.


Violation of the terms of probation.


Public criticism of the Series, its officials or sponsors.


Unsportsmanlike conduct.


Physical contact with the intention to harm any participant, or official, or the threat of some inappropriate, objectionable, threatening, or profane language, and/or gestures.


Failure to allow inspection, or disassembly, of a vehicle as directed by the TECHNICAL MANAGER.


In cases of extreme misconduct, FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN reserves the right to take any other action deemed necessary.

Privacy Policy

Below is the Privacy Policy for the protection of personal information. Drivers, competition vehicle owners, team members, etc will need to accept the below agreement.
Personal information will be handled by the laws and regulations of protection of personal information.
Below personal information will be obtained and kept in the database.
Name, DOB, Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, etc which was obtained through applications, agreements, and change of information form.
Personal information will only be used for the below purpose.
Sending FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN advertisement items such as products and prints via mail and/or e-mails.
Updated change for the use of personal information will be announced on our website. Any change will be of reasonable bounds and not be distant from the original use purpose.
We will provide the neccesary and appropriate supervision of the personal information against illegal access, leak, loss, or defamation by only using the trusted organization, person, place, and technology.
However, please be aware of the possibility of illegal access, leak, loss, or defamation even with these precautions since there are no absolute solution against the vulnerability.
When the acquired and kept personal information needs to be consigned to a third party organization to process its use as stated in Section 3., we have the right to transfer the necessary information as stated in Section 2. The third party organization will only use the necessary information to complete their tasks.
All applicants can demand FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN to have their own personal infomation to be disclosed.
◆To have personal information disclosed, please see Section 11 to contact FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN. If we find any error in the filed personal information, we will correct or delete immediately.
Drivers', competition vehicle owners', team mates' private information will be used for responding to comments and inquiries for the limited time even if their licenses have been denied.
Even when a driver has its license revoked due to own fault, the private information mentioned in Section 2 will be used for the limited time.
Anyone who does not submit all of the private information in Section 2 or agree to all Private Policy items, may not be granted a license.
Please contact below for all inquiries related to claims, disclosure, correction, deletion, or termination of use.
MSC Co.,Ltd.
3-13-11 Naritahigashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
TEL 03-5305-3553
This Privacy Policy will be in effect from January 1st 2020

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